Girls what are your impressions of good looking men?

What id the first thing that comes to your mind when I tell you tell me what you think about good looking guys and their personality and lifestyle.


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  • Do you want an honest answer? Years ago when I was younger & silly I madde judgments based on looks. So, I'd say " He only thinks about his muscles & hairgel & have no brains for sure. He's a player so he must be staring at me to just get my number & fool around." Things like that.

    But as I experieced life more, I figured out there's no RULE at all. I've known below average looking people who are real jerks! & good looking who are absolute gentlemen! & vice versa.

    So, judgment based on looks is a sign of immaturity which is OK at a certain age :)


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  • "Wow, he's gorgeous!..I bet he's really confident" and "I'll probably have elbow a thousand girls to get to him"..or "Ohh..he probably has a girlfriend already"...Funny part is, in reality, sometimes these assumptions aren't even true.

  • If he's really good looking, I'd think "Wow, what a hot guy" and if he approaches me I'd definitely want to talk to him and find out his personality.


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