Guys, preferred color of smoky eyes on a girl?

I like to experiment with a lot of different colored smoky eyes like purple, emerald, and cobalt blue with little glimmers in the eye shadows instead of just matte blacks/browns/greys. Here's a link to the palette that I use, the color in the pan is the same as it shows up on my eyes.


Just wondering if guys have a preference or if all smoky eyes are created equal! Thanks for any answers :D


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  • depends on what you're wearing. I'm no artist or anything but you wouldn't put a red dress or w/e with green smoky eye, would you? again, I don't know what colors go well with each other but remember its all about matching. it should be exact and or close enough, otherwise it looks odd

    • Yup I always make sure to match it to what I am wearing :) Would you prefer a girl to have a colored smoky eye or a neutral brown/black look? Let's just say she's wearing black or something that won't clash with either look

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    • thank you :)

    • thanks for best answer

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  • one that matches with something you're wearing or your eye color

    I prefer eye color though!

    • I think that looks best on me too. I do a blackened gold smoky eye most often because I like how it looks with my hazel eyes

    • i do the same.i like how the gold makes my eyes pop!

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