Best film of the 70s?

I'm leaving off Star Wars since it's so obvious, and was such a game-changer, and has such a questionable legacy thanks to George's relaxed standard of quality.
  • Dog Day Afternoon
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  • Apocalypse Now
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  • The Warriors
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  • Deliverance
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  • Network
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Clockwork Orange. Followed by Apocalypse now, followed by Mad Max, followed by my huge collection of cheesy sexploitation, nazisploitation, bikersploitation movies. It was a good era for movies. Especially bad ones that are oh so good.

    • omg I plum forgot about Mad Max

      actually I've only seen part two and three

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What Girls Said 3

  • Id say Apocalypse Now out of that list. Id like to say Chinatown or Clockwork Orange were great films too but probably everyone would say Godfather is the best.

    • clockwork orange is probably my favorite one from that decade.

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    • Clockwork Orange makes me sick.. it's one of those movies/books that just out right disgusts me. It's worth seeing once, but wouldn't say is good or has good values. Hell, even the original creator of the book hates it :D

    • laugh... I think I'll leave it unseen then

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show


    Fritz the Cat - the first rated X cartoon

  • All the President's Men


What Guys Said 4

  • Of that list, Apocalypse Now, but the guy who did it was CRAZY. I mean he really almost got his actors killed. Taking them to a real war zone will do that.

    And no, Star Wars would not be my #1 by far. Star Wars is WAY overrated.

    As for #1 of all movies of the 70s? I have no idea. Hmm

    • It's a good point. I like parts of Empire and Jedi plenty but overall the trilogy drags at times.

  • Dog Day all the way but I'm disappointed there are no Gene Wilder/Richard Prior combo movies in there. those two are the only ingredients for a funny martini. mix, shake, pour, enjoy :)

  • good decade for movies. picked dog day afternoon on the poll but apocalypse now is great too. there's a ton of movies from then that could apply tho.

  • How about Jaws since nobody wanted to go into the water after seeing that movie?


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