Does a guy that said he doesn't like you anymore but looks at you all the time still interested?

I liked this guy at my school and he liked me too. We were about to go out but both agreed to just be friends(his idea first). The next day he suggested dating again and said he really liked me. Two weeks later, we don't talk much in person but text ever night. He tells me he doesn't like me anymore because we don't talk ever. So we just act like we don't know know each other, but he stares at me a lot and I look at him. Or it looks like He's staring at me. My friend says he's looking at us when we walk by. So does he still like me or not? I'm super confused. HELP!


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  • I think he still likes you. His only saying he doesn't like you because you aren't talking much but that doesn't mean he hates you. So try talking to him more then he will like you again.


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