Lower shirt, bad attention?

so I usually wear t-shirts and jeans or sweatpants or gym shorts or something. but my mom likes to buy me clothes and my friend say they're really cute clothes so I wore this one outfit to school one day. I had a lot of people, girls and guys, say they thought it was cute or something. but I got to this one class and theer was this really dirty guy who sat across from me at a table and he kept like laughing to himself and whispering to the guy next to him, then they would kind of chuckle. I kept pulling up the shirt to make sure it wasn't too low or anything, but it was form fitted and lower than what I usualy wear, I just felt uncomfortable. When I said what, he said it was nothing, what were they talking about and was it dirty or were they making fun of me?


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  • If they were the only two who gave you trouble, they were probably making dirty jokes and laughing about it. Could you describe the shirt a bit more? Was it above your belly button or below? I had trouble understanding what you meant by "low" and stuff. Thanks.

    • Ps I don't know how to add a link, ha, that's how stupid I am, no jk, just never really tried to figure it out in the firdt place so ya

    • If you don't wear shirts like those very often, people are going to take notice. Those two guys probably had a perception of you previously, so when you dressed like you did, they may have been a bit surprised. Don't worry about them though, everyone occasionally has dirty jokes made about them, and omg my cat is bothering me so much right now. Lol

      The shirt is cute, but also a bit revealing, so people might also look at someone wearing that kind of clothing and respond to its revealingness,.

  • 2 answer the question you have to describe the guys

    • Um well the one guy is really nice, but the one who was saying things has always been a little perverted asking me weird things, but that day he was like extra or something, I don't know how to descrive it/

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