Do you rather prefer a sweet, fresh, floral, or spicy scent on a girl?

Sweet like Vanilla,caramel,cotton candy

Fresh/citrus like lemon,orange,mint,melon

Floral like roses,gardenias,jazmin

Spicy like cinnamon,amber,musk

I like sweet and spicy scents,like the Black XS from Paco Rabanne :)


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  • I used to like sweet, but over time it's become really common for people to smell like vanilla... And if a girl smelt like cotton candy, I'd probably start -.. you can see where that sentence is headed. ;)

    As for "fresh" -> Not really my thing, again.. it's the whole thing about food.

    "Floral" -> Hell no, a lot of those scents can become VERY strong rather easily, and 9/10 times people over-do them.

    I haven't smelt the one you like, I'll have to check it out the next time I'm shopping. As for a scent I would recommend.. Something with a classy sophisticated smell.. Gucci Rush maybe?

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Lavanila makes the best sweet scents! Sorry it's kinda off topic but I love wearing their vanilla passionfruit. Plus it has lots of aphrodisiacs and pheromones in it ;)

    • oh,it's a shame that we don't have that brand here :(. I'd love to smell their perfumes!

    • they are all oriental and complex, not what you'd expect from their names. Order a small one online from sephora's website, they sell small rollerballs and have a good return policy

  • Personally when I think of fragrances on gals, I think of floral scents :) I think guys like floral and sweet scents :D That's what I've heard anyway :D

  • i like wearing spicy smells and sweet floral smells. but I agree with the guys, floral can be overdone too easily.


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