Personal opinion on natural beauty?

i have long black hair but I'm naturally a blonde

i have blue eyes and fair skin

you can sort of see my cheekbones and I have an oval face

however, I only wear eyeliner and mascara, does that affect beauty on me or any other girl?
is natural better even if it isn't flawless?


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  • I think you look really pretty as in natural beautiful with the whole out look what I can see. I don't know why but for some reason you look Spanish, Greek, Maltese, or either Argentina in a good way.

    • aww thank you and hahah I'm not any of those lol I'm french, italian, irish, native american , and polish :) ( the light made me look tanner in the picture, I'm have fair skin)

  • what does it matter? isn't eye makeup enough? what else is there?

  • It's the only thing that matters in life. The ones with it deserve sex.


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