How to have long hair?

I haven't had a haircut in months, just out of laziness. But I'm starting to like having long hair - except for the fact that it's poofy lol. But guys I've seen who have long hair don't necessarily have poofy hair. Do they just thin their hair when they get haircuts?
It's not actually that poofy, but it's poofier than I'd like it to be.
Oh, also, it's not really that long. But normally I have shortish hair, and I'm growing it longer than I usually do.


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  • Depends on your hair type. It probably just comes from the fact that your just growing it out though, a few months down the line that'll pass

    • Should I thin it every once in a while?

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    • Haha. "You missed a spot." :P

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  • i have short thick hair but on a guy it would be considered long-ish so here's what I do:i wash it with moisturizing shampoo,put wheat oil in it while it's still wet (it makes it less poofy),and then style it with wax once it's dry

    • Okay, thanks. I'll consider using wheat oil. Is it expensive? And is it okay for guys to use it haha?

      But for me at least, you can't style long hair very much... how do you use the wax to style it?

    • it's not expensive at all,and yeah,it's okay to use it depends on how long it is,but even if it is very long you can still put it in just to make it look less poofy,take about a dime size amount of wax, and warm it up in your hands.then take pieces of your hair, about an inch in width, and twist the ends with wax.then shake it up a bit and set it the way you want to-don't use too much,it will look greasy

  • lol get a frizz cream


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  • go to a salon and have them layer it (keep the length, but get rid of the thickness)


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