Should I forget about him?

i like this guy, and it seems like a thousand girls like him, like one after another, but I've never stoped likeing him, but the other girls like they just get on my nerves and I can't take it anymore, but I just can't forget about him. he told my friends that he doesn't like me, because I'm shy, so the last 2 days at school I wasn't being shy around him, and I think he likes it, and like 2 months ago he told me that when he hugs me I'm cute and funny and he asked me what clothes to wear so it seemed like he wanted to impress me? what should I do, hold on to him cause he super sweet to me, or forget about him cause of the other girls that p*ss me off so much to the poit where I can't take it?


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  • F*** the other bitches. Take what's yours.


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