Question to guys about a girl dressing up for them, if they'd think something was up?

Guys, if a girl you had a class with dressed nice once in a while but for the most part dressed casual, comfortable, would you suspect she had a thing for you if she started to make sure she looked nice and done up every time you two arranged to meet after that? I had a class with this guy last year and I dressed nice once in a while but it was so early in the morning I normally just threw on jeans and a t-shirt. He helped me study for my test this semester and I made sure my hair and makeup were done and that I looked nice. We're going to try to meet up again so he can help me study and I'm going to make sure I look nicer than I did last time. I didn't really wear any jewelry and I had to hurry up and do my makeup the last time. Do you think he'd suspect something was up?


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  • Yes, I notice that type of thing. It goes hand and hand with all the rest of the signs girls show. To answer the guys bellow, you know she dressed up "for you" and not "some other guy", because she is throwing out all the other signs as well. If she's flirting, giving eye contact, smiling at you, making her self available, dressing up, touching, etc. etc. you got to be blind not to notice that she is dressing up for you.


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  • Guys can be pretty oblivious to that type of thing. We notice things a lot more along the lines of how you actually interact with us directly (eye contact, smiling, touching, giggling, playing with your hair, etc...). We save stuff like noticing your clothes and makeup until after we're in a relationship because honestly that's kind of a significant effort for us to remember from day to day in many cases.

  • Here's the problem with your logic though.

    How does he know you're dressing up for him and not some other guy in the class?

    When you dressed up, he might have thought you looked nice and been more attracted to you.

    But nothing about that lets him know that you like him, or that you were going through the extra effort for him.

    • I know. I'm going to post another question when I find out when we're going to study because I need help with what to do to kind of drop the hint. I flirt but then I clam up ha. I don't know what to do differently this time so he gets the hint and to try to get him to fall for me.

  • if he's decent with girls then he's gonna notice. or at least ask. its a good way to start on your part. keep doing it and he should notice. especially if its just for studying ha.


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