Being cute, changing looks?

If someone looked extremely cute, but one day decided to change their looks into say, being hot. Or vis versa. Going from being hot to cute. Guys, and girls, you're opinion and how you would react to it? And which change would work the best?


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  • The only change I really "LIKE" to see, is when people change their appearance for a benefit. Meaning that they ditch the grandma's sweater into a memoir's box - lose the hello kitty crap - burn their sagging britches - and so forth.. To switch into a MORE professional attire.. I'm not talking about a drastic change from "family-hand-me-downs" to a suited-and-squared tux.. I'm talking about improving up the evolutionary ladder.. We don't remain 17 forever.

    So if your wanting a change, research the styles you'd like to see yourself in.. Head to the store, try some on, and see what you think! If your unsure, don't buy them just yet, call up a friend and have them give you an opinion of what they think about the clothes. There's many considerations you should take to mind: Are you buying clothes for a night-out or a business event? Are you planning on working in these clothes? etc..

    Your clothes say A TON about you.. If your 33 years old, still wearing hello-kitty, I'm gonna assume you still have a pet rat named oscar, that your living in grandma's basement, and that your best friend is a watermelon named John... Let's get real here, we grow up, it's cool to be different and creative, but sometimes - a lot of the times - that I go out, I scratch my head in curiosity as to WHY people choose the attire they do.

    P.s. I heard this once but it makes great sense: Regarding the hot-scale (1-10).. the difference between a 7 and a 10 is typically more effort. More time spent working on their body, or in doing their hair, etc.. It's not necessarily just what you buy.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I never knew anybody who did this change and was succesfull in it. Cute girl when trying being hot is neither and hot girl willl be less hot but weird instead of cute. I don't say it is not possible, those are just my experiences. I guess there are girls who are kind of both and they can choose and change more to one side whenever they want.

    I think, that when you want to get a date then from cute to hot is better trade (if the change is succesfull)

  • Its never as cool as if they can change at will


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  • People always tell me I'm cute,they say I'm hot,when it comes to my body,but I'm ''cute'' when it comes to my face and personality. I don't really want to change it,I see it as something positive,people like cute people. Going from cute to hot-probably tighter darker clothes,some ''sexy'' makeup link (she's cute,but with makeup...Holy sh*t) and acting mysterious

  • what does it matter?

  • I am/was 'cute', always the adorable one wherever I was.

    I recently changed my look (well tried to) to hot, but people still think I'm cute...

    I can dress provocatively like other girls who would be considered 'hot' or a 'slut', but ofr some reason, those same clothes on me just look cute haha.

    Also, I have a bit of a baby face I guess, so that may be the reason why, I always smile too, and I have been told that it looks really 'innocent' haha

    You could try the transformation, it does sorta work, all depends on your age. But since I am 16, people just think I'm cute.

    • dressing in darker and more 'cool' clothes (not goth, just more blacks) can also make you look 'hot' but yer, makeup os also a big factor too

    • Read my P.s. above (bottom of my answer), I think it might help you if your still wanting that "hot" comment from people around you..

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