How can I convince him to let me pierce my ears for my birthday?

Okay so I want to get a double Auricle (Middle part of the ear) piercing for my 16th birthday but my mom said if my dad says yes she will too but he's VERY conservative that I couldn't get my lobes pierced till I was 11 how can I convince him to let me pierce my ears for my birthday? I feel like crying right now cause I've wanted this since I could remember!


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  • Isn't it funny how we always want what our parents don't allow.

    I'm sure if someone had a parent who is fully against hair dye the kid would want green hair.

    Darlin that's not something that requires serious help, it's just a piercing, get a barbie or something.

    • A f***in barbie for real? There's bitches my age that have babies you know the real ones not the plastic ones that p*ss out water okay I don't see y people think I'm still a f***in child?! I've been through more sh*t than most adults and I can't even get advice from them from simple sh*t like piercings sh*t if being an adult makes you soulless then I want to be a "kid" forever

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    • bahaha! That's hilarious dude I would so do that! But naw I'm just gunna ask and if he says no I'm just gunna do it and say "it could be worse I could be prego" and he won't have much to say since my cousin is and we're the same age :)

    • oh nice, yea bring up your cousin, you'll be the angel.

      yea just the get the piercing, whatevs not a big deal...and if he don't like it, just wear earmuffs whenever he's around which will serve two purposes: so he doesn't have to look at the piercing and you won't have to hear him complain about the piercing.

      Game. Set. Match.

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  • I wish my problems in the world were that simple.

    "Oh woe, my ears can't have another hole on them."

    You can always ask and if he refuses then you can always just figure out something else that you had always wanted that actually makes sense.

    • This DOES make sese I can't do sh*t okay?! Hav you ever felt trapped like a f***ing wild animal ready to bust out yea well that's how I feel I can't even have f***in posters in my room so don't give me your I'm a grown up and the real world is hard bullsh*t your free buddy enjoy that sh*t!

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    • I really think the greatest issue is NOT the piercing here.

      It's how their suppressive and overly controlling nurture has harmed your "soul" and your personal development. "Perfect lady" and "good girl", huh.. Can't get worse. >.>

      Don't forget - even if they're pricks and inconsiderate of what you would want, they're still your parents and family, and they do give you shelter and I'm assuming food as well. Their house, their rules. Unfortunately there isn't really anything you can do about that.

    • OMG wow you finally get it lol but yea I know it's just hella hard and annoying so I'll probably do it anyway :) Thanks for your answers tho I really mean that

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  • Grow up. While you complain, bitch and shed tears over not getting what you want i.e. your ears pierced, there are adults and children alike suffering agonizing deaths from disease, starvation, dehydration etc. What about children who have never had parents? Or have parents that don't give a sh*t whether they're alive or not? They are the ones who need 'serious help'. Be grateful that your parents love/care about you and how you look.

    I've read your comments. Why don't you re-read them? Maybe then you will realize how much of a selfish child you sound like, and by default, are. Your 16. There's no way in f*** you can know that you have been through more sh*t than Mesonfielde or Naturally. That comment just proves my point. Grow up and open your eyes up to the real world.

    But, if it is so important to you that you get your ears pierced, just do it anyway, regardless of what your father says. I know what it’s like to have a father who is like yours. I know what it's like to have my beliefs, wants and needs oppressed just for the sake of religious conviction and conservatism.

    • I'm so over this conversation it's not even funny but thanks I guess, and yall need to read my closely and understand my message before jumping all over it I'm 15! By the way NOT 16 so if you can't even get my age right after I publicly announced it than why should I listen to you if you can't even do critical reading? Yall are all full of sh*t hipocritical liars who aren't doing sh*t for this world except complaining about it, what are you doing to help it? Me? I volunteer at cancer societ

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    • Watching as every day, more and more of the friends that I made in those countries died from starvation, disease and dehydration etc. So don't tell me I haven't done anything for the world, because I have. I also sponsor 3 children in Africa and their families and four in Cambodia.

      I am also joining the New Zealand Army next year when I recover from surgery, stitches and broken bones. And I?m twenty, not forty.

    • That's very good and I commend you and if I could run away from this hell hole, get my ears pierced, I would gladly join you but as of right now getting a whole plunged in my cartilage with a needle means as much to me as flying out to wherever the hell I want to go to help ppl, I would love to get the f*** outta here and clean up this corroded world but I have a thing called school and parents which both suck greatly again I say enjoy your freedom sister!

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