What do guys like? any thing special?

what type of outfits,makeup and shoes do guys like on girls?

(nothing too slutty, hot but classy at the same time)


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  • Wear what makes your naked body look the best. Don't worry about classy or slutty or even trendy fashion.


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  • this: link

  • For the outfit, anything that shows your contour and shows off your legs. Make-up, nice eyeliner is good but too much make-up is a turn off for most guys, lipstick (pick a color that is not too strong or unnatural). Also perfume makes a huge difference, smell is equally important to sex appeal as any of the other senses. Shoes, boots and heels are both sexy and classy. In warmer climate cute sandals are great. Hair, if you want to get really noticed change your hair style. If you always have it a bit wavy straighten it for example, or dye it a bit, this will definitely get noticed.

    • thanks!:)

    • no worries, hope I gave you some inspirations ;-)

    • you did :) it can be so hard to know what someone likes but this really did help!;)

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