How do you like a girl to wear her hair and makeup?

is there any particular style you like? and also if you could dress your girlfriend in whatever you wanted, what would she wear ( and I mean like out on a date, not in the bedroom)


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  • My girlfriend has the makeup thing down to a science, and she's got more wigs than a bald tranvestite. I never even have to make a suggestion.


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  • I like a girl's hair, makeup and dress to be like this: link

  • casual

    • and that means? like go into detail

    • Not a lot of effort put into her makeup or hair. As in, minimum makeup. So quick, so easy. Shows your natural beauty. And your hair, something quick and natural for you. Low maintenance. Again, quick, easy. I can just grab her and kiss her and she's not gonna give me crap about her hair or makeup. I don't like a woman's attention to be on that stuff - I want it to be on enjoying herself, or on me.

    • aww hats good :)

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