Eyeliner for amusement park??

tomorrow I'm going to an amusement park with two of my best friends and didn't know how to wear my eyeliner.

i have green eyes, pale skin, light brown hair.

1. purple on top and light blue on bottom

2. same as 1 but with purple glitter on top

3. same as 1 but with gold glitter on top

4. light blue all around eye top and bottom? Purple glitter? gold glitter? none?

5. just light blue on top? p/g glitter? none?

6. purple all around eye top and bottom? purple glitter? gold glitter? none?

7. purple just on top? p/g glitter? none?

8. black cat eye top with p/g glitter? blue bottom? purple bottom?

sorry if this is confusing lol :)

oh and I'm 15 going to be 16 soon so its not like I'm 26 wearing blue eyeliner or something lol


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  • Number 1. Glitter may be a bit much when already doing two colors. Plus purple is great for green eyes

  • None. You will sweat it all off anyhow. And getting glitter in your tear ducts in painful.


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