What are the 5 worst things that you have done?

What are the baddest things you ever did, I'll go first:

1. Got sh*t face drunk in a school field trip

2. Passed out on a boat ( at the field trip)

3. Made out with a 19 year old senior at age 14

4. Kicked a hole in my door

5 I made this beautiful Icon of Snookie :)

WOW I'm such a bad person !


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  • I haven't done a lot of bad things...Worst thing was ''vandalizing'' a day nursery when I was 13-14,we were just playing but we ended up breaking a window,taking all the sand from this huge sandbox thing and threw it at each other,my parents thought I was a black person when I came home,and when the cops came,we jumped over a fence and ran like hell.


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  • 1. Stole a few pairs of underwear from a girl I know while she was out of the house

    2. Took off a condom while having sex with my old girlfriend so I could orgasm

    3. Took $20 out of $100 that my brother had to pay back my parents and got him in trouble

    4. Snuck into the girls' locker room in high school (but not while anyone was there)

    5. I dunno... I pirate the sh*t out of music, but that's because I think the recording industry sucks beyond description

  • 1. ran from police officers. I thought they were just a group of angry men looking for a fight but it turns out they were uniformed officers with a canine unit. I easily escaped from the cops, but not poochie (a Belgian Malinois). I took one bite to the forearm, one to the hand, and one laceration to the back of the knee before subduing the pooch. However the first cop who arrived threw a punch at my jaw. I rolled with it so it didn't do any damage. Anyway I still have some faint scars eleven years later. No biggie really.

    2-5: nah number one was enough

    • I think someone filmed that. Is this you getting bit and restrained? --->


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    • LOL... aww how old was you?

  • 1) Used Marco Polo as an excuse to cop a feel on a few girls (I was young...)

    2) Played hide and seek when I was young and left a kid in the woods (He got lost and we had to search for him)

    3) Locked my older cousin who used to bully me in a tool shed and left him there (his parents later found him and I was in big trouble as you can imagine)

    4) Vandalized a house on an island where my nana had a cottage (I was very young so only got a slap on the wrist)

    5) Vandalized another house nextdoor to my nana's house (damaged a few doors with a pipe I was like 8 or 9)

    I was a pretty messed up and angry child who would always get in fights and cause trouble. Then again I was abused pretty horribly by my then alcoholic father so I guess as a child I didn't deal with that so well. Anyway I hope nobody judges me on these actions I'm a much better person now that I'm older and I don't have a criminal record.


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  • 1. Got drunk in school and ran around a class, while the teacher was shouting, ‘I can smell alcohol.’ And ran out, shouting BRAAAAAP BRAAAAAP!

    2. When it was snowing, I was walking home this annoying little kid threw snow at my face (with a stone, which really hurt) I got angry, floored him and smacked him.

    3. When onto my mates HI5 account and made her sound like a lez and cussed all her friends and stuff.

    4. Vandalising the business room at school (well there was a bunch of us) and we smashed the computers and made holes in the sealing. The whole room was a tip and then the teacher asked me who did it; I was like I’m sure it was that guy over there. Then they checked the CCV camera, even though we smashed the other one.

    5. I threw a stapler at this guy’s head and told him to **** off in front of his mom and dad.

    Ok, I know half of these sound so gay and stupid, but this was back in my younger days when I was classed as a “terror” and I’m sure I’ve done much worse things in my life loll.

  • 1) slapped/ shoved my mom

    2) logged into this kids MySpace LOL (when MySpace use to be popular) and deleted all his friends and sent people comments and worth he loves "big juicy d*cks" on his profile LMAO

    3) broke this guys heart

    4) sold extacy

    5) posed half naked

  • 1. I was born.

    2. Gobbled down some children's souls.

    3. Made Satan cry.

    4. I scared an old woman today.

    5. I once sold oregano to some kids and told them it was weed.

  • 1. Befriended a girl, found out she'd been dating a hot guy for over a year, so I dumped my boyfriend, stole the hot, rich one, ended my friendship with the girl, and the guy and I got engaged after four months of dating.

    2. Dumped my best friend of eight years. shazam.

    3. Cheated on my second boyfriend twice in one night WHILE he was away at basic training.

    4. Failed out of my first semester of college, then convinced my parents to keep paying for it.

    5. Knocked a car's side mirror off with a bike, then drove off.


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