Does my height automatically make people take me less seriously?

I've heard a lot about (some) guys viewing short girls as cute and little. I'm fine with this, to a certain extent. Being only 5 foot, I'm worried that (some) guys will automatically take me less seriously (viewing me only as cute, little, and vulnerable) because of my short stature. Is this likely with most guys? I've definitely noticed at least hints of it in the past. I don't act stupid or anything, so this view shouldn't be coming from my personality. Any advice on how this can be prevented?


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What Guys Said 1

  • can't really be prevented. spend enough time with guys and they will learn that it's not true though. most guys make decisions about girls on the way that they look but once they spend time with them, they QUICKLY learn their actual personality


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm the same size and it hasn't hurt me. Actually helps me start up random conversations with cute guys when they don't see me and run into me. But sometimes they treat me as more vulnerable I guess, not so much the guys I have known for a while. But being cute is great plus short and thin girls tend to have awesome flexibility. For ahem...later in the relationship ;)


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