Clothes? What style should I go for?

i've got large hips and little lovehandles. I usually wear t shirt and jeans everyday to school. I'm sick of it. I've got a short torso but big boobs. what kind of style should I go with. WE can't wear shorts because it's against dress code. HELP PLEASE SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND.


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  • I have a skinny waist and slightly larger hips and butt with C cup breasts.

    My favorite items are:

    -Yoga pants

    -Tights with a longer sh*t

    -Plain V-neck tees

    -A good pair of jeans

    I would really need to see a picture to tell you.

    Good luck!


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  • Wear bootcut or straight leg jeans,try wearing ''flowy'' tops with cropped jackets.

  • i would go with something like a dress that cinches just below your boobs or a dress that is a halter or even a shirt that is a halter. skirts are a good choice too something kinda loose and flowy will probably look good and pair it with a kinda tighter shirt.


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