How can I improve or care more about the way I look?

I'd like to do more with my look. Fashion-like, make-up like. As it is, I dress pretty casually and am as I am naturally. I love jewelry, but I don't wear it much. I find I have really good taste, who doesn't? But, it doesn't show in how I present myself. So, I want something pretty, elegant, also something different, deviant like. I like both these styles. Nothing too extreme, especially in make up. Any suggestions. Tutorial videos on make-up? I'm not so great at it... Thanks.


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  • For pretty and elegant makeup I like to do gyaru style eyes. My favorite look is the anime/gyaru look tutorial by chichiyaz on YouTube. For more creative makeup I like to use the looks from Linda mason's book called "eye candy" it's great an better than most tutorials I have found online. But another makeup girl I like on YouTube is eyelovemac, she does a variety of looks from everyday to wild.

    For the makeup itself I highly recommend urban decay especially for their eyeshadows, cream foundation, and cream blush. Great stuff. Its a much better deal to buy their eyeshadows in the palettes so that's the only way I buy them. My current favorite is the black palette but using the colors over bright color bases from the deluxe palette. Like cobra layered over honey. And sephora brand brushes rock without being too expensive, also only buy synthetic ones that aren't scratchy. Startin with high quality stuff shortens the learning curve and it looks the best. Hope this helps!

    • Ouu, I'll look into that, thanks. I've heard of Urban Decay and the Sephora brush tip sounds good. To apply, you just get better with practice? I will try this out when I feel like being pretty sometime. Heehee. Thank you. :)

    • Yup I just practice each new look once when I'll be home all day studying or something. Just so I get used to it and know that it looks OK before wearing it out

  • Mangageek suggested the book "eye candy" - I love this book. However, almost all the styles in it are pretty extreme (lots of colour,etc). If you want some tips on more natural make up - try Napoleon Perdis: Forever Flawless. It is AMAZING, great tips for your skin, eyes, lips - everything. If you don't want to buy something, this site has everything:


    Whenever I want to be a little more noticeable, I'll usually do something that draws attraction to one feature. For example, I'll let me hair down or if I wear a little more eye makeup I'll put my hair up to draw attention to them. Even one bold piece of jewellery does wonders.

    Also, small things such as having your eyebrows done, radiant skin, etc goes a long way.

    You just have to experiment and see what works best for you.

    • I agree that the dramatic look section is pretty out there but there's one called everyday looks or something too. I also like the flirty look section, I use that one the most. I like how she uses bright colors as liners in a few looks and gives great tips about eyebrow shaping, I do my own with her advice

    • Ouuu I love that site so far. I do the balancing thing too. It's fun. :D Thank you!

    • Yeah I'm really crazy about my eyebrow - when they show you how the different shapes affect your face it is just crazy! Anyway, you are welcomeeee

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