I try very hard to mix up my style?

Well, considering styles in cloths I try to change up my routine a little in shirt style, pants, and shoes, I love name brand.

I always fix my hair and put in different styles and wear some very nice smelling cologne all the time.

I have a few questions. 1- Ladies how much do you take notice of those things that I listed above? Does it matter that much or not at all?

2- Does seeing a guy that always tries to look nice impress you in any ways? To see that he try to take care of himself and look good out in public.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I always take a lot of notice of how guys dress. If I put in a lot of effort into how I look, I think guys should too! As long as you don't look like you are trying to hard, it is a good thing. Also, brand names are not very important to me. What is important is how the clothes fit you. If I see a guy with a nice pair of shoes, it drives me wild. Sounds like you are doing the right thing!


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What Girls Said 1

  • I definitely take notice; I love when guys actually try to look decent. I hate that "I just rolled out of bed because I don't give a f***!" kinda attitude. Nice dressed guys impress me.


What Guys Said 1

  • All that's enchantment, you make yourself feel better. If you feel sexy, likelihood is you are, you know? To other people. You do that for yourself and everything else follows. Some girls don't like guys that try at all, and some girls only like guys who do what you do. But that's all just words, man. Just words.


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