Ladies-Have you or would you?

Ladies, I have a strange question about a strange fetish of mine. I attend a local gym, and like most men love to see the ladies in tight outfits, not slutty but shape revealing. My biggest turnon and strange fetish is seeing the "accidental" cameltoe showing. My question is, do you wear those clothes to they gym for the guys sometimes? Have you ever worn tight clothes or spandex for the attention or to see guys reactions? And have you ever had a "toe" and not adjusted because you caught a guy noticing it? I only ask because there are a few that I have seen, and been caught noticing and still nothing being done. Not that I am complaining because its the biggest turnon for me.

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  • as a girl I would think that I would be made fun of for having a cameltoe. so I try my best not too

    • Not being mean but that's a typical girl comment. Girls laugh, and think guys would laugh. Most guys only laugh because they almost have too, but most men I know, like them, if not expressing it, then secretly, ask a guy to tell the truth, bet you'd be surprised at the answer.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Question 1: Nope

    Q2: I don't wear them to get a reaction, but I know, actually all girls know we will. Boys are boys.

    Q3: Nope


What Guys Said 1

  • I love seeing Cameltoes ( not the look of the material in the cleft but outlining the outside of her genitalia. It's a lovely picture that never fails to make my day !!)
    I like one ladies opinion - why make a big deal about it !! It's there just don't make it so obvious and draw attention to it !! I love to see cameltoe. With that being said I accept the good with the bad.

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