Do girls care about hair color?

For instance, I have red hair but I'm not your typical ginger, I'm very athletic, funny, and I'm not pale, I have a normal skin color I just don't tan much.


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  • Oh boy,...does your pale skin have freckles, (well it doesn matter I believe)

    I guess it doesn't matter whatever hair color you may have as long as you think it fits you... dnt style or dress to impress no one else, that's not a good thing to live by.

    • I don't dress to impress, I dress appropriately.

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    • :) really

      many people get peer pressured In school I notice how basically everyone wears the same haircut and same style of clothes or brands because they think they should follow the crowd, it's like they don't dare to be different

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  • The most wanted guy at my school is a ginger. All the girls want him. I don't know what it is. Over all he really isn't cute. It's that hair that makes em go crazy.

  • I think red hair I sexy but as long as the color goes well with your complexion idc

  • Yes it matters.


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