Guys what is a lot of makeup?

My ex said I wore to much makeup but my current boyfriend said I hardly wear any so I was curious what a lot of guys thought?
  • Too much is where I wouldn't know who you are with out it on.
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  • Where it rubs off on my shirt when we're making out.
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  • When I can tell you have it on.
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  • "A lot of makeup" has to do with intensity more than quantity. There have been days where I'm wearing foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick, but the colors are so light and natural that it doesn't look overdone. It's when your lipstick is hot pink and you have turquoise blue shadow from lid to brow bone that you start drifting into the "too much makeup" category.

  • im smiling cause up to now only 1 guy has answered your poll and 6 girls when the question is meant for guys to answer


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