If someone asked you what to wear on a date? What would you think?

If someone asked you what to wear on a date? He asked me what to wear, is that weird?
I ment to say he told me what to wear not he asked me what to wear


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  • It depends. Did he invite you to a movie? Or, are you going to your favorite restaurant and he isn't sure about the atmosphere? Is he doing something new to him, but something you like to do?

    For instance, if you are going hiking and he doesn't usually go hiking (but you love to go so he is doing it for you), then it is not weird to ask what he should wear. Plenty of people do it.

    It might be weird if he invited you to go see his favorite band in concert. He should be telling you what might be best to wear. :-)

    Maybe he is nervous (so what).

    • he invited me to a movie and told me to wear a black dress

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    • OK. Don't call him. Go on the date with your black dress and matching undies. LOL. In fact, you could find some costume undies with crazy animal teeth in crotch area and when he is looking you could accidentally show him... your teeth and growl like you are a confident woman who knows what she wants. ;-) Good luck. Have fun.

    • haha nice

      i hope he cares and doesn't try to do anything

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  • I don't think that's weird. It means he's trying to impress you which is really cute. Also, I asked my date the other day what I should wear simply because I didn't know what would be appropriate. So, it's not anything super out of the ordinary :)

    • he told me what to wear, that's not wierd?

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    • I'd ditch him.

    • he is so gone

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