What kind of a hat should I get for summer?

I don't want normal cap etc. as they make you look like an idiot.

But I want something, maybe something little like this:


I'm 16, young, tall and fit and I like to wear stylish but still young looking stuff such as more expensive jeans and usually tightish t-shirt being ether gray, black or within that range and nice CK watch.

Probably I am a lot different from others since it seems to be pop to wear stuff like horrible looking cheap sweatpants or oversized jeans with oversized t-shirt or hoodie (not to mention those 'gansta' caps which just make the kids look like douches).

So, the main question is .. what kind of hat should I get and what would fit me the most? Only stuff I've came up with are those Al-Capone hats and caps but caps are out of question .. even though a cap from the army might fit me well .. ? .. :>


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  • I was going to suggest a fedora, but you already suggested it to yourself. :-)

    • I'm just scared that it'll look little bit of funny on me and makes me lose little bit of confidence on start and people will see that.

      Maybe I should go find a store IRL and check it out on mirror first and then probably order better quality/brand one?

    • Yeah, trying some on at a store is your best bet. Take a girl with you or ask any girls working/shopping in the store to get a female perspective. :-p

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  • Irish caps are a nice all around hat do not wear a fedora with out a suit. It's a suit hat only and panama hats are good for summer as they were designed as tropical hats.

  • I think my grandfather had a hat like that.

    • I don't mean exactly like that, little bit of newer model and something which would fit for the young.

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    • Aren't you an adult man and you find it funny to act like an idiot when I'm asking a serious question?

    • I have a sense of humor, and I thought you did too, when asking if you should buy that ridiculous looking hat.

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