Clothing tips for the curvy?

Omg! Recently iv gained a lot of weightdue to stress and I haven't had the time to go out and excercise. Iv only just realized that I'm loosing my shape and iv started dieting and exercising now.

But in the mean time. I need clothing pointers. What should I avoid wearing? and what would suit me?


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  • i think flirty dresses, you can never go wrong with a nice hugging pair of jeans with a nice blouse

    • That's the thing though. M legs look really weird in skinnies! Because I'm short and chubby. N I end up not being able to breath

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    • Normally I'm a size 8 but the othr day I tried on 12's and I couldn't breath :/

    • oh that's weird do you wear levi's cause they have this new jean line for curvy people I heard they work great

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