I changed my appearance, girls which would you rather be and guys what do you prefer, hot or interesting?

i used to dress like this: link

dyed blond hair, hollister clothes, natural makeup. I wanted guys to think I was hot, and they told me I was. the problem was that I looked like every other girl at my school.

i stopped dying my hair and started dressing and doing makeup like this: link

guys have stopped calling me hot, but random girls will tell me they wish they were as bold as me. people look at me when I walk down the street. and today a guy with a nice camera told me I was interesting and asked to take my picture.


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  • Interesting is the way forward, because for me I want a my mates and boyfriend to be the same, I want interesting not boring and dull...and of course that is my perspective cause what I find boring and dull others might find interesting.

    I don't not like looks, and it is nice if someone thinks I am hot, or attractive, but I don't take it for granted. I wouldn't say I was particularly attractive anyway, but its not for me to say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I couldn't be with someone just to have them look good on my arm, and vice versa. And friends are the same, I wouldn't hang around with someone, just to make myself look better. (I know this girl who befriends fat people, and only goes clubbing with bigger girls, because she believes that she won't have competition, its actually wrong, and I tell her it is)

    Plus if you stand out, and aren't looking the same as every other blond, padded bra, air head, girlie look, you're more likely to be noticed, and its likely the girls won't like you. That's what I have found in my experience. I think it looks so desparate when girls just fight for the attention of that one guy in the room...never done it myself and never will.

    There's also that girl, you may have seen one like this, but she's probably blond, and on face value we give her the stereotype that she's probably a bit dim. But when you talk to her, she is in fact intelligent, and you actually love the fact that she isn't conforming to her stereotype, and you feel guilty you ever judged...AND THEN, ...

    She is among guys, and she becomes this pathetic little, air headed bimbo you first thought, and you know she;s not like that really, you know she could probably kick each other those guys asses, but she puts on this...i don't know fake personality...I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

    Why can't people, especially these kind of girls, not embrace the fact they CAN LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES, AND DON'T NEED TO APPLY TO EVERYONE'S FIRST IMPRESSIONS. I like that I am independant, and can tie my own shoes laces, and can dress myself..etc etc...

    Soeeey I ranted, but I couldn't stop myself.


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  • I prefer hot.

    Once I'm done, if hot is boring I can flip on the discovery channel for interesting ^^.

    Lol guess it depends how you want to be looked at, sex object or modern art? hahaha jk, but there is some truth to that...


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  • I like being me,interesting or not,hot or not,whatevs.i would say interesting,but I consider girls who TRY to be ''unique'' sort of pathetic,since all the girls that I've met who people call ''interesting'' usually aren't like that on the inside,they just do it so people would pay attention to them.i think that the way we look should be a representation of what we are,not some sort of attempt at fitting in or standing out.

  • I perfer intersting. But the only thing I aviod is dressing with the "whats in now" crew.. I'm never depends on other people's style or magazines, I dress how I want. And I don't dress to impress people, I want to impress people who is impressed with the way I dress.

    Idk how to explain.. But get what I mean?

  • I'd definitely prefer being interesting. It amuses me far more than the idea of being 'hot', although if I could opt for both, I probably would. A family friend told me a while back that she'd found the name of the style I dress in, while she was looking for a Halloween costume idea for her daughter. It isn't a specific style, at least in my opinion...But I will admit that I do tend to follow along the lines of what would be considered Japanese 'Harajuku' (which, through research you'll find, isn't a specific style anyways). I didn't purposefully attempt to look like a certain style, I just like to wear what I like to wear, odd or not. I get a lot of odd looks and rude comments for it, but it is something I enjoy and I won't stop. Something I'm wishing for right now is a top hat :]

  • I don't care if I appear hot v interesting. I dress how I want to and the consequence of which isn't really my concern. If Iike something, I'll wear it. If I don't, I won't. Whether or not it's "in fashion" doesn't bother me. I don't dress with the intention of hopefully being perceived in a certain way. I just dress in a way that makes me feel good (or comfortable if I'm in one of those "I don't give a sh*t" moods).

    Plus, doesn't non-conformity for the sake of non-conformity kind of defeat the whole purpose?


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