What are some hair styles I could go with?

I have pretty long hair and I was thinking about maybe cutting it or doing something with it as it is. What are some type of hair styles that y'all think would be suitable for me or would look decent besides shaving it all off which I've decided I'm not going to do.


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  • try joe jonas new haircut, his shortest hair cut.

    • I just googled it and it's shorter than I want it but if I can't think of anything I may have to go with something that short.

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What Girls Said 2

  • cut it off. I hate guys when have long hair. it looks so gay. but that's just my opinion.

  • Long hair, in my opion, is hot :D

    • Well I already have long hair but I want to cut it shorter or do something with it when it starts getting hot so that's why I was asking.

    • try a different style with long hair, there's many things to do with long hair...

      Whats the "style" you go for? I can help with you ^__^

    • I'm not sure I don't really have a style I just let it like hang down...I guess.

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  • i would keep your hair on the longer side, at least medium length. it looks good on you. besides, so many college guys have their hair short now. long hair makes you stand out a bit.

    I used to have long hair, but now I just get it layered quite often at the length it's at now.

    I would cut it to about ear length and layer it. I'm a big fan of side bangs too! it's a great look.

    im actually off to get a trim right now haha.

    best of luck!


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