I saw a girl wearing a WHITE flowy skirt on the windiest day of the year here, why did she wear this?

not only could it be her time of the month (the white part) but its also been one of the windiest days of the year. it was really short and the flowy kind, (hey I'm a guy, how the hell would I know the names ha!). why did she do this. knowing it was windy and that its her time of the month?

btw, she's big, but she's not fat. id say she's about avg. if that makes a diff.


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  • Well, if she was wearing white, chances are that she didn't have her period, since a lot of people are uncomfortable wearing light colours in case of spotting/leaks. Also, most girls don't get their periods towards the middle-end of the month-- cycles are pretty random, so she could have her period right at the start of the month, right at the end, or anywhere in between. :) Technically, the odds of her having her period today are exactly the same as the odds of her having had it on April 1st.

    As for why she was wearing a skirt: maybe it was laudry day, or she didn't realize it was windy, or she had somewhere semi-formal/fancy to go, or she just woke up and felt like wearing it. :) There's always a chance that she was doing it for attention, but I wouldn't bet on it since there are tons of other possible reasons.

    Hope this helps!

    • she did it for attention, you know it

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    • No problem-- I'm glad I could help!

    • yeah I mean it was SHORT but it was short. and cool

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  • She probably didn't know it was windy. Happened to me today, I decided to throw on a dress cause I really couldn't be arsed with putting on pants, then as soon as I stepped outside I was like, sh*t, that wasn't a good sartorial choice. Anyway, yeah, that could have been her reason too. I don't know, maybe she just liked the way it looked.

    Also, yeah, how did you know it was her "time of the month"? Even if it is, that wouldn't really be a reason for her not to wear it.

  • How do you know it was "her time of the month"?

    Whether it was or it wasn't, it doesn't have anything to do with her wearing white.

    I don't know if you know this, but most people tend to get dressed in their houses... where it isn't windy. So, she might not have known it was so windy outside, or she might not have made the connection that wind + short skirt = peep show for everyone if you're not careful.

    Also, why would you associate the word big with average.

    • because its the middle to the end of the month. and yes, it has everything to do with the color she was wearing

      she could have stepped outside, to feel what it was like

      because most girls aren't thin, on avg. theyre bigger, but not BIG

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    • Oh brother. Maybe she wanted attention, maybe she didn't know it was so windy outside. Go worry yourself with something worthwhile. If she wanted attention, then let her be an attention whore. Why you're worrying yourself about it is beyond me, and is aiding in giving the attention she wanted.

    • troll

  • periods don't always come at the middle-end of the month. mine comes during the second week. and maybe it wasn't windy when she left the house. I've done that before. left the house and there was no wind, then left school and it was like a hurricane.

    • she was looking for attention and you know it

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    • or...maybe you should p*ss off. if you're ever gonna get a girlfriend you need to realize that girls don't worship the thoughts the opinions of you men. mine opinions on myself are way more important than yours will ever be. RESPECT, BITCH.

    • guys judge you on your appearance. point blank, maybe you should understand that, and get a life, troll

  • Ew. Creep. How would you know she's on her period?

    • first off, I don't appreciate being called a creep, so please keep your negative comments to yourself second off. I dk know but I also know it IS middle-end of the month, so..

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    • Lmao, then report me if it makes you feel better. And each day of the freakin year it CAN be a day when tons of girls are on their period. Think of it this way, I don't know anyone that would want negative attention by wearing a white skirt on purpose, if they so happen to leak blood they'll have a blood spot all over it. What normal person wants that? Anyone who wears a short skirt is asking for attention. Enough said.

    • that was my point. like I said. why would you say "dont stare" if your simply asking for it

      and like I said, if it makes you feel better to insult people you don't know. go right ahead. but just know you won't be liked

  • My personal opinion: It wasn't the best idea. I wouldn't do that.

    But. I think it's kinda funny that you asked: "Why did she do that?" But then you say, "She did it for attention, and you know it!"

    Just wondering.. what's the point of asking a question if you're already convinced that you know the answer? :P

    • because I wanted to see if anyone would answer the same way. no one did, not even you

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  • LOL, why do you even care?

    • cause if girls say "dont look" why do this

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    • because I notice things like this. whether you like it or not

    • Oh no, I love it.

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