Do I need to change this about myself?

This may be kind of a weird question but i genuinely wanna know what's up with this lol. So I've been using this foundation by mac since my junior year of high school. Obviously not the same bottle but same brand and everything else. I have gotten better with my makeup over the years and now i am going into my sophomore year of college. Last year was my freshman year and I look back on pics from last year and I looked so pretty and my makeup looked so good and I got a ton of compliments. I just felt like my skin was different and my makeup went on a lot better.
This year i just feel different about it. I have dark spots which I also had last year but I think they got darker this year. I definitely dont feel as confident. I don't know it could be my diet and I was wayy happier last year, But its just so frustrating because my makeup looked so much better last year. I used the exact same products but like I said, my dark spots may have gotten darker. I took some pics from the other day and compared them to last year and my makeup looked really ashy and sometimes you can still see my spots through my foundation. I don't know what to do, should i just try to fade them or get a different foundation even though its been working for years. What should i do?
Do I need to change this about myself?
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