What do you think of girls with hair extensions?

My hair is about shoulder length and I just brought some extensions and my hair length is about under my chest it looks really cute. If yu were dating a girl and found out she has fake hair like a month after knowing her.. would you think its wierd?

or what if you were having sex with her and you pull her hair and a piece of hair comes out? lol
hasnt happend to me but it would be funny!


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  • A lot of girls use fake hair. It's just an accessory so it wouldn't bother me the least. It's like judging a guy because his hair gel washes out. As long as my girl's hair is good with and without hair extensions, I'm completely fine.



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  • I'm not really a fan of extensions because they're rarely the exact same colour as the natural hair, they're not the same texture and all in all look fake

    I understand why girls do it, they're accessaries, you can completely change your luck with ease, conveiniantly BUT it's doesn't look particularry good... that's my opinion though

    • well a girls needs to know how to blend them in. For example I dye my and the extensions so they are both the same color but for the texture I can agree with you because our natural hair is very damaged compared to the extensions but after burning the hair with a curler or straightener the will be exactly like your hair and cut them up a bit.

  • I would be supriced since I had tought it was her real hair, but other then that idc if it's real or not cause it looks real :P

    If she hadn't told me I wouldn't have found out unless she tok her hair off in front of me which would have weirded me out.


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