Prom makeup tips - asap please!

So I'm getting my hair done but doing my own makeup. I have green eyes, medium skin tone, dirty blond hair, and my dress is a deep blue color. Please help with eyes, lips, face, whatever I just need help. and If you have any advice on how I should do my hair I have really curly hair and side sweeping fringe bangs and I have a siver and studded head band I'm putting in my hair. My dress is long with one shouldered type. I was thinking a little up mostly down bangs down with my curls and my head band in the middle what do you think? Any advice would help. thanks :)


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  • I think it sounds beautiful! :)

    You should wear diamond stud earrings to go with your headband, no necklace, maybe a diamond bracelete. (all the diamonds around the same size).

    I think you should wear your hair down, but that's just me. Cause your dress is long, right? So it'd look nice with hair worn down, but that's up to you :)

    Make up... I think maybe black eyeliner, but don't overdo it, you don't want to look like a raccoon. Maybe a bit of really dark blue eyeshadow and a bit of grey (but once again, don't overdo it... and Urban Decay [brand] has a really nice dark blue color if you don't have one!). Then wear lots of mascara :)

    Also! Its prom! so do whatever YOU want to do with your hair, make up, etc. honestly, it'll make you feel better if you go by what you want :) I'm just giving suggestions.

    I hope I helped.


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  • By the sound of this, is your dress like studded(like designed, has a lot on it) or simply just the color your talking about? If its simply the color, than wear the head band. If its not, don't wear the head band.. It'll have to much going on..

    For make up, green eyes are amazing to have.. When it comes to makeup, for you eye color. "oppistes attract" some to mind. Don't use like a greenish color, can't your green eyes would just blend with it. Not poping it out.. (btw, I'm so jealous of your eye color)

    The darker plum colors should be used on the outer edges of your eyes. But its their doopy, darking toward the inside of the eye, and lighter colors toward the outer edges..

    Since the dress is blue, and your a medium tan color. I believe a bronzy eye shadow will do perfect for you, also poping out those green eyes...

    Go look around youtube, they have makeup tutorials for eyeshadows :)

    But, for my sugestion, a good shadow color would be a in the "Brown" area from bronze, to gold or a copper..

    Have fun! :)


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