What are your views on piercing?

I'm 17 years old and I have two holes in my earlobes, which isn't bad, and I have a cartilage piercing on my left ear. I want to get a third hole in my earlobe but only on my right ear. I'm afraid that this will be too much... What would be people's perception of me if get the next piercing? What does it say about me?


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  • I find girls with piercing either to be a bit emo or a very active and fun girl.

    I do'nt have anything against piercings I had one myself in my left eyebrow. But do'nt overdo it like two in your nose one in your lip 2 on your tounge etc etc, that's uncool. but decorating your ears a bit is fine with me :)


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  • Personally, I think piercings are neat, and I like them. I think, as long as you keep them only on the ears and not like a nose or lip ring it will be fine :) I know many people with multiple ear piercings, actually my friend has 5 on one ear, but they look great!

    If you want to get it then go for it, best thing about it is if you don't like it and others are being prejudice to you, then simply remove it :)

    Best of luck, and I think it will look great

  • It means that you have no respect for you body,...idk some piercings are alright but it's more best if you try to moderate the amount you get too many piercings is a turn off, sometimes.

    • I don't see the correlation between piercings and lack of respect for one's body, lol.

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