Am I to old to express myself, do what I want?

Im 17 almost 18 and my whole life my parents have been so strict and uptight. I Haven't been able to wear what I want, cut my hair, or go to places I wanna go. I have to listen to the music I like in secret its awful. But now that I'm graduating high school there finally being less uptight. Now I wanna totally express myself. I wanna cut my hair, get colored extensions and a nose piercing and go to concerts but I'm scared I'm to old to do these things. I'm starting college and I don't wanna seem immature but I really wanna do what I wanna do for once. what's the age limit for the style I wanna do?


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  • There is no limit. I have friends who are 45+ and they still go out and do crazy sh*t like that. but I know exactly how you feel, I grew up in an environment like that too and I'm just experiencing that kind of freedoms. but you still need to try and be careful, don't let everything rush to your head (like don't go out and get a crazy tattoo of a skull head eating a snake on fire on your ass or something... haha) you want to make sure that that is the kind of expression that you are going for and put some good thought into it. its fun to experience those kind of things like piercings and concerts (been there done that) and try and enjoy yourself as much as possible. life is meant to be enjoyed, and you can't put an age limit on joy.


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  • Do what you want, such is the premise of self-expression. There is no age limit, time limit nor deadline on anything you desire.

  • yeah once your in university, your life becomes yours to live


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  • You're not too old for it. Definitely not.

    Besides, even if you were, who cares?

    It's your body, your hair, your mind. Express yourself the way you want to, as long as you want to. Ignore the losers who say you're being immature.

    Maybe don't do it all at once. Slowly change things, that way it won't freak your parents out as much, if that's what you're worried about :)

    I'd hate having no freedom like that. I'm lucky though, my mom even sometimes dyes the front part of her hair purple :P


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