Is it me or them? Am I doing something wrong?

I'm tall(5'9''), everyone tells me I'm gorgeous, funny, nice, outgoing, talkative, and approachable. Guys tell me all the time that I'm so pretty and that they wish I was their girlfriend, yet they're single and don't even ask me out on a date or anything! I don't understand I think I'm pretty likable but apparently not. I Haven't had a serious boyfriend since junior year. I'm a freshman in college now. Am doing something wrong? I think I'm a pretty good flirt, but I don't know. Sometimes I just think all those people are lying to me to make me feel better about myself and that I'm an unlikeable girl whose going to spend the rest of her life alone. So, tell me, is it me or them?


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  • Maybe they want you to ask them out. They already told you that they wish you were their that puts the ball in your court. As for not having a Boyfriend in freshman year of college, that's tough. A couple girls in my hallway were picked up right away, but most weren't. Everyone is just getting used to college and not necessarily ready for a relationship. In fact, a lot of relationships in my year were started in junior or senior year of college. You probs just haven't met the right one yet.


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  • Maybe there intimidated by your looks and don't want to be rejected.


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  • They might think you have a boyfriend. They might think you would say no. They might be intimidated.

    Unless there is some big conspiracy to make you feel better about yourself, then I assume they are telling the truth. It would be one thing if only one person said it and others' disagreed, but if most people say that, then you are fine.

    Ask a male friend or relative, he knows you better than anyone online does.


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