I'm afraid he's better looking than I am!

My boyfriend is really attractive, and everyone says so. My friends also say I'm one of the prettiest girls in college, but I disagree. I was an ugly kid, and I always think people are just trying to be nice when they say I'm pretty. I'm thin, but I don't like my face. In any regard, I've become obsessed with my boyfriend's exes. He tells me I'm prettier than they were, but I disagree! I'm going to meet his parents and I'm so afraid they'll tell him I'm not pretty enough for him. I asked him if he just saw me as a "nice girl, but not gorgeous" and he said I was being silly. I don't want this insecurity to overwhelm me.I'm just used to dating more average-looking guys who think I'm the best thing out there. What do I do?

Also, do you think the fact that I don't love my face is going to make him think I'm ugly?


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  • K first you need to listen to your man and trust and believe him. If he didn't find you attractive he wouldn't be with you in the first place, When a guy's in love with a woman she can be 300 lbs and still the most prettiest girl he's ever seen. You are insecure maybe from past experiences but you have to come to terms with yourself until you do that you will NEVER believe what he is telling you. And honestly who cares what everyone thinks what you look like as long as he thinks you are pretty then it shouldn't matter. Men get really tired of having to repeat the same thing over and over, becuz it becomes more of a chore to them. You need to come to terms with this before it causes a big problem.


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  • I am sure you are beautiful. Don't worry about the parents not liking you. Plus all that matters is that he thinks your gorgeous. You landed a hotter guy than you think you would usually get go out and celebrate instead of worry!

  • Urgh.

    I have this problem too, my boyfriend is really attractive but he doesn't even realise it! He's so self concious and is forever telling me I'm beautiful.I was an ugly kid too so I now exactly where you're coming from.

    But as far as comparing yourself to other ex girlfriends just think to yourself that there's a reason they're his exs and that if he's with you then he loves you and you need to find comfort in that.

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