Do you like this kind of an outfit?

I think both actresses look great in it, it's pretty elegant but still casual. I think it could be suitable for more places, shopping, going out with friends and workplace included.

I'm just curious what do others think of it.
I personally like it a lot, I'd like to wear the same outfit just opposite in the way of wearing a light pair of jeans with black button up shirt instead of the white one.

I have pale skin and my hair is almost white so I think black would work better and create a nice bold contrast or should I rather just go with the white shirt?
PS. Pardon my English please :D
I love 90s style ^^
I love 90s style ^^
Monica from Friends
Monica from Friends
I like it a lot
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It's decent
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Not my style
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I don't like it at all
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Do you like this kind of an outfit?
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