Why girls dress provocatively when they go to clubs or they go to parties?

Its all up there!... I can't figure out the reason yet. I mean at least I though I knew the reasons why, but then I found out I was wrong.


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  • I think 'provocatively' is the wrong word, certainly for me. I like to dress sexy and stylish because it makes me feel confident and draws in a lot of attention - which is always a good thing ;)

    But seriously, it's a time when you can proper dress up with your friends and you can glam up and look completley different from the everyday norm. It's fun, you look good, therefore you feel good.


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  • to get attention. plain and simple.

    doesn't mean they wanna sleep with you at the end of the night though.

  • To feel sexy.

    • Or to compete with their friends looks.

      Or to look sexy.

      Or to attract a guy.

      Or to attract a girl.

      People do things for different reasons.

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    • I'm sorry. And I love you. And I don't want to fight anymore.

    • Lol

      Sweet talk is sh*t talk

      I never fight I just state my opinion

      I'm laidback

  • To get attention from guys, to make them feel sexy and confident, ego boost.

    I wouldn't say I dress provocatively and I'm definitely not a skank but when I go to clubs/parties I sometimes wear fitted bodycon dresses/ short dresses and skirts because I think that they suit my body shape well! I am quite petite and small so wearing a little dress suits my frame :)

  • When girls go out to parties and clubs... We dress provocatively because we want to attract members of the opposite gender ! Why else would we dress this way?!

    It's true that different people have different intentions. Some people are trying to get laid and others are just trying to get attention, and some people just like to know that people are staring. There is nothing wrong with any of that! It doesn't make you slutty, it makes you human. And it keeps life fun and interesting.

  • attention obviously

  • I never dress that provocatively. I perhaps show a bit cleavage here and there. And it's not to get a date or even more stupid -a one night stand- it's to make me feel better, more sexy I guess...

    Every guy thinks that girls who dress provocatively search for a hookup...that's bull sh*t. Get over yourselves.

  • I only dress provocatively because my friends and everybody else do. I wouldn't say I'm victim of peer pressure, it's just that I feel so uptight if everybody around is dressed that way. Of course, I wanna get noticed but not by those guys that are looking for skanky girls anyway. But I guess those other girls just want attention and to hook up with some guy

    • hook up in what way?

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    • Wanting to fit in is not peer pressure feeling like you have to fit in to be accepted is.

      Who says she dresses like a skank? What may be provocative clothing to her may be mild not skanky to you.

    • @ptercobra: of course I don't dress skanky but I'd say I do show much more than I would if it was totally my own decision. no it's not peer pressure, it's just like a dresscode just as u're dressing differently at a ball because you don't want to attract attantion in a negative way, so you don't go to a club dressed too uptight. peer pressure and dresscode are not the same o.O

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  • This was just a comment but I decided to make it an answer...If I am in the club or a party walking around all night with the head of my d!cK hanging out of my fly just a little bit, trying to be casual about it, just dancing and talking to girls...What do you think about me? Exactly. What makes you girls so different? Nothing. Most of the time, girls never step back and think about what something really looks like, as long as all the other girls are doing it. Another prime example of this: Those big furry UGG boots. These things are hideous and every guy I know hates them on a girl. But all the other girls started wearing them so there they go. They look like a dainty girlie girl shopping around town and then from the knee's down look like a cross between peter pan, a sasquatch, a space traveler, and Canadian mountain man in a fierce winter.

    Don't hate just cause it hits home. You know I speak the whole truth...LoL.

    • If I am in the club or a party walking around all night with the head of my d!cK hanging out of my fly just a little bit, trying to be casual about it, just dancing and talking to girls...what do you think about me? Exactly. What makes you all so different? Nothing.

      How does revealing your d*ck equate to looking good?

      What makes it the same?


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    • Caring about apperance...Dressing like a skank/provocative. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. Why are you having such a hard time staying with the topic? You just don't follow and that's not my problem. Forget it. And my girlfriend is beautiful, sexy, cute, hot, pretty, whatever you want to call it, and she has never had to let her boobs bust out of her shirt or show her panties out the bottom of her booty shorts to achieve it.

    • I think we're misunderstanding each other.

      When QA put provocative I took it as clothes he viewed as provocative. What some girls think is cute some guys think as provocative.

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