Good dress for my sister's graduation?


she want's me to dress up and what not. we are going tanning and getting our nails done. she want's me to buy this but I hate my arms.

so would this look decent with a cardigan ?


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  • Yeah. Looks alright in and of itself.

    Now with a cardigan you're gonna have to watch the colour, it's not easy to match leopard print, and having a leopard print cardigan will be kinda lol,

    black maybe, a dark colour, maybe dark blue(close to black)... nah no, not good, I'd say beige, cream or yellow actually.

    I'd say white or beige would be your best bet though. Or actually black can work too, depends on your shoes in that case.


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  • Go for a girlie beige cardie, that will fem out the super sexiness and you'll be killer...

  • while I'm not crazy about leopard print, I like it. and don't worry about your arms. if your really too worried just make it comical like "oh, I couldn't find anything shorter" or something like that. :D


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