Cultural differences of fashion?

i really like 17th century culture,the books and movie everything about that time period and I was reading a book and the girl in the book couldn't dance because she shoe came untied so she went to sit and fix it and her betrothed came to help her and people were scandalized that he was seeing and touching her ankles! is that how desensitized we are...that culture was very conservative but people used to hid their ankles form the "boyfriends" now people wear plunging necklines and inappropriately short skirts and dresses in public...i was just thinking about how different it was what do you think was better having a little secrecy about your body or showing it all?and which culture would you like to be a part of?


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  • I prefer the old school way. Sure it is a little less revealing but I would rather have a girl with class than on with a super short skirt.

    • i totally agree! thanks

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  • The only thing that bothers me is, shoelaces weren't invented 'til the very end of the 18th century.

    • By the way, what form of mutant wrote a book with such a glaring oversight?

  • that was the thing back then. they figured too much skin was just showing the ankles or w/e. guess it comes to show you how much we've changed


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