So what makes people tic.. what makes you tic?

I was in the shop last nite,looking at all the people walk bye while waiting for my cherry slushy so many different styles some over the top some in jeans some goth and I was thinking what makes people chooses a life style? so what's your style and why? what makes you chose it?


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  • hmmm, well I like to wear clothes from forever 21, Windsor, Charlotte Ruse. I guess my style would be girlie girl. But I don't really know, I like to mix my clothes around alot. My friends say I dressy really girlie, or sometimes just chill. I like to wear bright colors cause it makes me happy, or when I wear girlie girl clothes it makes me feel more attractive I think.

  • everyone chooses something they like overall because of its comfortable..ness? or appeal. I personally wear some jeans and a T or sweatshirt or tank most the time. but now that its getting closer to summer... shorts instead (:

    • ^^ cool its winter here tho so I'm in anything that will keep me from freezen

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