Guys: what's your take on girls with freckles, hot or not?

The question is above. Do you like freckles on a girl or not? Is there a specific amount. I have a light amount of freckles that kind of go away during winter, and come out during summer. what's your opinion of them? Or are there good and bad circumstances?


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  • I think freckles are amazing! Granted there are a few exceptions, then again the same applies for girls w/o freckles. Hot..


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  • Freckles are awesome, though it seems a lot of people who actually have 'em, rather dislike them. Still I think they're quite cute a lot of the time, and depending on the placement, they can be cute or sexy. For example, I once was with a girl who had some minor freckles on her breasts but they blended with the rest of her skin quite nicely. I thought it looked kinda sexy.

    My current girlfriend, on the other hand, has freckles across her cheek, just below her eyes. They're cute. I like them. She joked about them, telling me that when she was a kid, she noticed she had the same kind of freckles as a doll she owned. A light went off in her head and laughed "Meh heh heh, I have doll freckles.". I gotta agree. She's a beautiful woman too, with a great body, so she gets to be cute and sexy because of it.

    Anyway girls with freckles, are neither here or there. It's fine. Their freckles are seldom a turn off, and they can add a lot of appeal to a her looks, but they aren't entirely "hot" or "not" either. So really in the end I guess it doesn't really matter. Still don't let things like your freckles let you down.

    If by some chance some shallow idiot is turning down a girl like you because of something as stupid as that, then you're better off. You should never have to compromise who you are to get a man. Don't worry about freckles. You're fine. You look great as you are. So do try to remember that.

    Good luck out there.

  • I like them, they're cute.


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