Why do most girls not even look at a guy unless he can't see them?

It makes absolutely no sense, how is the guy supposed to know you like him or are interested if you won't look at him when he can see you do it. Us guys don't have eyes in the back or side of our head.


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  • Agreed.


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  • its embarrassing. one of my friends knows I like a guy (and the guy knows it too, I told him) and I have to be very carefull when looking at him or else I get large 'i know what your looking at' smiles from them. egh, lifes unfair.

  • It would make it too easy for you. We don't like it to be obvious, personally I never make the first move. You'll just have to learn to pick up on the other more subtle things eg group talks, glances, purposeful ignorance, attention seeking, etc. :)

    • What do you mean by group talks?

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    • One time I asked a room of girls if I could borrow something (I live at school) and just after I left I and was leaving the room I heard kind of a squeely noise from one of the girls. I don't know if they thought I was cute or if that means I was ugly. You know kind of like a "ihmmmmmmmm"

    • Yeah it could have been a lot of things, a roomful of girls does tend to generate a lot of those 'squeely' noises regardless of cuteness or whatever, but I don't think it would have been because you're ugly. Maybe one of them has a crush on you, it could have been a kind of, 'oooohhh there's the guy you like' kind of squeal...

  • it's embarrassing.


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