If I have an 8.6 face and a 9.6 body, why don't I have a boyfriend?

i've been single for a long time and it's been bothering me. I wondered if it had anything to do with being unattractive. I put my school picture headshot on a face rating website and after a week and about 1,000 votes it came back as 8.6. I put a picture of my body in a swimsuit (at the pool, no sexy pose or anything) on a body rating website and after the same amount of time and votes it came back as 9.6.

i'm a pretty normal girl I guess. I hang with friends, play sports, go to school, whatever. I have a lot of good friends so I would think I have a good personality and am fun to be around. very low maintenance and little drama. so why can't I get a guy?

i'm asking now because I really need a date to prom (this Saturday!). I decided to ask a guy, so I picked one I thought would say yes, one of the guys that plays dnd at lunch, but he turned me down. said I'm not his type. I'm not sure what to do.


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  • Post the links to your pictures, I'll be happy to give you an opinion you know is honest.

    It's possible that your personality is not the best. That or you've aquired one of the many bad labels that high school is renowned for which won't help your cause.


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  • Don't stress it, man.There's thousands of reasons you might not be pulling, only one of which is unlooks.

    You seem a bit, I dunno. Can't see the trees for the peasants, though, know what I mean? LOL! Like, 'He plays dnd, he must be desperate, he'll sure as hell go with me. HEY BITCH BOY! I'll let you go to prom with me'

    Unless, of course, you too play 'dnd' at lunch. Which is totally different, and then your going at it totally the right way.

    • i never said I thought he was desperate. he's in some of my classes and I knew he didn't have a date and didn't plan on asking anybody.

    • Ohh, so you were just mentioning that, about his character? Rather than that being the reason you thought he'd go out with you? Well, that's somewhat better. Still, I do get that impression from other things, like... 'No one will date me, but I'm pretty; I have the statistics to prove it, look!'

      You know. I think you just need to step out, a little. Step out of the immediate. Look at things in a more trippy context. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

  • Who knows. Go ask out guys if they're not doing it. Also as for you saying girl hotter than you that's all subjective. Girls find other girls hotter all the time. That doesn't mean the guy does.

  • Maybe you're so pretty that it's intimidating. I've seen that happen before.

    • but there are so many girls at my school who are hotter than me and guys talk to them all the time.

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