How to look good for getting a guys attention?

what should a girl wear to attract a guy she likes specially if she does not have a great body but is okay!
guys come on reallay need ya!


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  • What is your body shape?

    I see you said you're "big in the middle" down below. What you can do is you can wear a belted shirt or dress that cinches below your waist, making you appear slimmer. It will hide some of that midsection for the time being. (You really ought to exercise, carrying fat around your stomach isn't healthy and leads to heart disease, etc.).

    Also, wearing black or a pattern - maybe floral (NOT horizontal stripes) will make your figure look better too. Stay away from super bright colors and all white, even though it's almost summertime.

    It also depends on where you're going. Just wear something that you FEEL and LOOK confident in with natural looking makeup, some good perfume and you're good to go.


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  • women always look good if he can't notice it then he is a retard. omg why are chicks like this you always think so low of your selfs who defines what a great body is or what a okay body is.

    guy`s will always like you for who you are and if they don't well there loss f*** em. for me I don't look at wht a chick is wearing or what she looks like. I like the attitude she gives off. like when she ope to humor and alway`s missing with me. show him your available and make him fell your interested if he gives you smiler vibes the I wish you a happy relationship, but if he doesn't then its not your fault. I bet other guys will kill to be with so one like you. always remember only god is perfect. and ever one including all the basters here have a flaw, and as a wise man once said only god can judge me so don't ever say you don't have a great body or crap like that. every one has there own taste. I hope it works out for you

  • Fine dress modestly!

    Just look pretty


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  • i thinkk a pencil skirt is cute or a nice summery dress should do tthe trickk

  • Personally I think a guy likes when you show of your own style, not try to copy someone else's or the stereotype sexy look.

    Find tops that flatter what kind of shape you have etc etc.

    A pair of skinny jeans looks good on everyone, and pair your outfit with some earrings and you should be good!

    • i'm kinda big in the middle and do not realay know how to hide it, and well need some fashion advice!:S

    • Tops that have hit right below the bust and then flow out help to keep stomachs underwraps!

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