How do I accept myself?

I hate how my face, my back, my body is just acne, scars, and bumps. I hate how my underarms and inner thighs are dark af. I hate how shallow I am. I know people who love me accept me for who I am but the problem is not them but me. I don't accept me. I'm not even asking for perfect. I just want to have normal skin. I want to wear a sleeveless shirt and not care how dark my underarm is compare to the rest of me. I want to be intimate with someone without me getting disgusted being touched because my skin is all bumps. I know people have it worse but I'm not them. I have this image of normal I want to be but I can't have it. 15 years I've had this problem. I've tried a lot. I've wasted a lot of money. I'm coming into terms then it's just my genes and body makeup. It's just predisposed to darkening and acne. And yet I can't accept it.

Do I need therapy? Would therapy help?
How do I accept myself?
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