Guys, what attracts you to a girl?

Why are attracted to particular girls? Personality? Looks? Combination? They act like you? Like the same things? They're competitive? They're better at some things than you? They're fun/crazy? They're a tomboy? They're a girlie girl?


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  • personality > looks. I'm much more attracted to dynamic intelligent person than ditsy model mostly because in my experience it's more fulfilling when both sides can contribute to a relationship other than just being aesthetically pleasing.

    as for being a tomboy or a girlie girl it's kind of a balance of both just like how most girls don't want to date a leathery lumberjack or effeminate man with a manicure, we all want a little of both.

    I like it when we have stuff we both like to do but there are some aspects of our lives that are our own, after all being with a person all the time can be stifling. it's a good thing if there competitive from my POV because I like someone to challenge me, and I hate to drag people along. if there better at somethings than me that's great I can learn somethings from them and we can help each other. knowing how to have fun and create there own fun is a requirement as well as willing to do something crazy on the odd occasion.

    there is one thing I always find attractive that you didn't ask about, a person who encourages me is the one quality that can make or break my decision to ask them out. if they make me want to be better, if they encourage me when I doubt my self, and stand up to me when they think I'm wrong that kind of person is worth risking a lot for.


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  • Glowing health(within the threshold of fit and average), a pleasant face, nice hair, shapely body. Those are what attract me initially.

    If I know the girl is worth keeping around, she has to resemble a girlie girl and have the mentality of a competitive tomboy. I like to play basketball to warm up at the gym, and I love when she can give me fits 1 on 1.

    What instantly turns me off are bitches. Seems obvious, but there are so many bitches it's a joke. These are the gossip queens who yabber on their cell phones and talk in a bitchy voice. They also act like Prima Donnas and disrespect the establishment, because they are just so precious and privileged!

    • okay, so I am starting to get the general consensus that looks really do come first! BUT that some things can change those factors. Very interesting. I see what you mean about someone matching you 1:1.

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    • sweet, but can someone become more attractive because of their personality even if they aren't initially found attractive?

    • Absolutely yes. But they can't be super ugly, obviously.

  • It's definitely a combination of looks/personality, and if I feel I have a bit in common with them... And I tend to like girly-girls. ;)

  • deffinetly personalty, looks also, um, make me laugh , make me cry, that's wht I like in a girl, she ha to be a open minded person, but with a great personalty

    • great personality as in fun and bubbly or someone you can have a great conversation with?

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    • let me try see if it works, this is only my 3rd day here I'm a newbie

    • haha aw yeah you are. sorry I didn't mean for that to sound mean!

  • Why can't you ask one (or two) questions at a time? lol What I have noticed is that looks catch my attention to begin with... what a good & truly awesome phenom that we don't agree as to who has the best looks!...But I have noticed that, as I get to know individuals, girls that I thought looked hot are not looking so hot anymore and girls that I was not immediately taken with seem to mysteriously grow more attractive...sometimes much more so! Might answer more questions later! you wore me out...

    • haha that's was a great answer! I'm just looking for general opinions! :) After I posted this I was like... wow why did I ask that? haha. There's a lot to that question! Sorry I wore you out... :)

    • TY! Glad you liked my answer..ask me anything you like anytime you like..publicly or privately...I will be rested by

  • Looks are the first thing of attraction.

  • looks, girls have nothing more to offer


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