How can I be more girlie and cute?

hey girls I need your help on this one! I have got in a major rut of dressing too plain and boring. I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I am that girl who is just one of the guys. most of it was due to low confidence but I feel like I am ready to stop dressing like that now. I want a more girly girl style that makes me feel sexy but I don't know where to start? please help with skin, clothes, hair tips. thank you!


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  • Clothes:

    Start by adding cute satin tank tops to your wardrobe. Wear them with your jeans as you ease into your new look. Buy party dresses; a girl can never have too many. Also buy some cute flats to wear until you're comfortable enough to move on to heels.


    Pick a signature style: curly, straight, ponytail, messy bun, etc. Train yourself how to do your new style the fastest easiest way possible so you can do it every day and not worry about looking like a tomboy all the time.

    Make up:

    If you have good skin, avoid foundations, powders, etc. and focus on your eyes and lips. Use a volumizing and thickening mascara (Dior Blackout for night, Mayebelline waterproof for day) every day. Also use a great lip gloss every day to help bring a little attention to your mouth.

    To add some edge or dress up your look for the weekend, use a small amount of blush (Duwop cheek stain or Rimmel cream blush). Also use a light eye shadow for day and darker eye shadow at night (purple looks great on everyone).


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  • well you gotta make sure

    you aren't fat and/or ugly.

    you also gotta make sure

    you aren't too manly their


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  • If you don't wear makeup, start with just a little bit of eyeliner or mascara. There are tons of tutorials on youtube (that I was actually just looking at) that will point you in the right direction. As far as clothes go you have many choices of styles that you'll have to look for yourself. You could keep your jeans and t-shirt and just add a necklace and cute shoes to make yourself seem more girly. Good luck. :]

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