Allergies are killing me, anyone else with me?

Anyone else dying of them too? I live in CT and this week has been awful! I woke up this morning with runny nose, red watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, chills, neausea, headache, and low-grade fever. Anyone want to add to the list of symptoms or complaints? Really just feel like bitchin!


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  • that doesn't fully sound like allergies, I had some of these symptoms red eyes, coughing and headache, pulled ears but not the chills and fever; personally I would goto the DR and see what they say. I currently take zyrtec and benedryl (but not at the sametime) for mine.

    and I live in WA st...sounds like its a bad year for allergies! Good luck.

    • I would agree with you there, except I feel pretty good now and not running after being inside for a while and taking an allergy pill! It's amazing how some pollen and grass can make me feel like I have the flu! So jealous of those that don't have to deal with this.

  • OMG! I live in CT too haha

    yea, allergies suck, when I'm at work , I always make sniffles and its so awkward because I want to blow my nose so badly and fill like my boogers will run down while I'm making customers food LOL

    • Hahaha I hear ya girl! It's freakin awful! Fiiiinally they stopped running so much since I've been in a closed and filtered office building for hours. I'm afriad to go back outside!

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