How do you deal with super preppy girls?

my best friend Erica, who I've known since I was 5, has turned into a super prep. being preppy doesn't bother me, since I'm preppy also. wearing abercrombie and dying your hair blond isn't a big deal.

but Erica will now ONLY wear things from abercrombie and if she sees you wearing any other brand she says she's embarrassed to be seen with you.

she went out for cheerleading, not because she likes it but because it's the preppy thing to do. of course it helps with popularity, but she was already popular to start.

she says "like, OMG" all the time in a very annoying high pitched voice.

and she acts dumb around guys with really bothers me because I know how smart she is.

she doesn't act this bad when it's just the two of us, but throw in another girl and she gets preppier, and throw in a guy and all of a sudden she's a super prep bimbo.

should I talk to her about this?


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  • How long has this been going on for?

    I can understand how only wearing Abercrombie and be annoying and how its the only clothing brand that's the "coolest". Honestly Hollister, A&E, Abercrombie, they're all really the same. They use the same exact material for their graphic Tee's, Jeans are all the same color dyes etc.

    If she started saying OMFG and acting not her usual self when others around, she probably read something or watched a show or movie that encouraged this. I know girls can be easily changed by a magazine article if they don't like their current selves.

    I'm sorry to hear she won't act her normal self around you and others. I'm not sure if she's trying to be the bigger person around others to show she's better than you or them, but something happened to her self conscience that's making her do this.

    I've seen guys do this, I'm the polite guy, the athletic one, the all around well liked romance guy, then some of my friends act like a d*** to me, making fun of me in front of girls or other people, showing that they have the confidence to be annoying and a prick. I know how you feel, and I normally wear sleeveless tee's just my style since I was 11 years old, and the guy just gives me crap for it when its been a style for more than 7 years. Lol and its not even Abercrombie. So I totally understand how you feel like you want to address your friend on this.

    I'd say give her space and time, she may realize that you've become tired of her attitude and just need a little break. If she doesn't realize what she's been doing after you've backed off her a little, then you should address, but telling her you wish she was the regular self around you etc. but then again, I don't know who she really is and all.

    But I wish you luck.

    Ian M.

    • oh.. and I like A&E and Hollister.. Abercrombie sucks... imo.

      :) ha, good luck to you

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  • Poor, emotionally destitute girl.

    You can talk to her

    1) if you believe she'll listen to you, and

    2) if you believe it'll do any good.

    If any of these is not true, show your wisdom with silence.

  • how old is she?

    she might just be in that age where she's trying to figure out who she is.

    its probably just a phase, she should get bored of it eventually.

    i knew a guy who was a punk one year and a gangster the next. I have no idea what he might be now, he could be a skater for all I know, but idc, he'll grow out of it eventually.

  • erika sounds so hottt


    why don't you just tell her to take it down a notch on the peppiness. and just to f*** with her, email her a link to a fake article that says Abercombie has gone bankrupt and is shutting down permanently.

    • there's a picture of her in my profile if you wanna see if she's actually hot

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    • well, I've got no way to tell if you're lying..but in that case you're the hot one. and erica can wear abercombie or gucci, it won't matter. all you need to do is smile and you'll look cute.

    • well the girl with ripped jeans is the same girl in all the other pictures on my yeah, it's me.

      and what do you mean by she can wear abercrombie or gucci and it won't matter?

  • i think you should talk to her since you're her bestie (I suppose), and she better hear it from you rather than someone else I think

  • tell her to stop acting dumb and fake.

  • I wonder if she gets her vagina waxed.


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  • if you don't like the way she acts, why are you even friends with her? but then I'm not one to talk, I deal with sh*tty friends as well. but yes defiantly let her know, maybe she doesn't see herself. UGHH I got over the whole abercrombie faze like 5 years ago..thank goodness

  • if you want to be a TRUE friend, go for it. talk to her how it bothers you. and listen to her side maybe she has a story to tell why she's being that way

  • I personally would either talk to her or just gradually distance myself from her... But she's your best friend, I don't think you'd want to end this friendship just because she acts stupid around other people. A lot of this stuff is a kind of normal way for girls to "lose themselves" in high school and forget who they really are... Maybe if you bring it to her attention, it'll get her thinking.

    "if she sees you wearing any other brand she says she's embarrassed to be seen with you." THAT really bugs me. I don't care if someone is my best friend, if they said that to me, they would get an instant "what the f***?" reaction from me, haha. Maybe you could use her saying that as an example of how ridiculous she has become.

  • LOL wow sounds annoying

    tell her to grow up and get over herself


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